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Bulgarian souvenirs
Address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 4, Paris street (near Al. Nevsky Cathedral & St. Sofia Church)

The Center of Folk Arts and Crafts was created in 1993 and is composed of more than 300 prominent Bulgarian master craftsmen. The Center organizes the production, advertising, exhibition and trade activity of national arts and crafts.The Stores of National Arts and Crafts Center offer for sale over 3600 exhibits, representing various models created from natural raw materials and stuff and in accordance with authentic technologies and techniques traditional hand-made Bulgarian souvenirs. Most of the objects are copies of exhibits, preserved in the depots of the Bulgarian museums. The originals date back of the time of Antiquity, the period of The Second Bulgarian Kingdom, The Bulgarian Renaissance, The Third Bulgarian Kingdom and The Modern History of Bulgaria.We realize orders for folk-style furnishing of taverns and restaurants, wedding and ball jewellery, advertising and business souvenirs, national costumes etc.

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